Must Be Tough On the Survivors

Most of you who read this know me personally and know of my interest in reading true crime. The authors I read are the ones who care about the victims and do not glamorize the seedier aspects of the cases. Nor do they make heroes of the criminals.

Yesterday, an American schoolteacher was arrested in Thailand and he confessed to killing JonBenet Ramsey 10 years ago. One radio news account stated that investigators had been close to finding him for at least the last two months. I'm not surprised. That could be why he gave in; he knew he was trapped. And one investigator whose books I've read says that these "guys" (pedophiles) are cowards.

Ah, the killer claims JonBenet's death was accidental. In how many cases has the perpetrator claimed that falsely? A lot. Of course, he may be telling the truth. But it's hard to imagine a tiny six-year old having the strength to put up much of a fight that would lead to her accidental death. We'll see.

It must be tough on the family of the little girl. While on the one hand this may resolve the case, it doesn't bring the little girl back. And her mother died this summer of cancer. It does bring back memories of the night, possibly. A variety of emotions are felt, I imagine.

There's a memorial web site for her at: http://hometown.aol.com/summergirls0323/jonbenetramseypageindex.html

On a slightly lighter note:
I will say, I don't get the whole beauty contest thing, most of all with little girls. I'm not saying her parents did anything wrong with JonBenet. It's a world that has never captured my interest, and I wouldn't qualify anyway! Unless they have contests for "petite" (I'm 5' 4.25"), Irish, Bavarian, Native Americans who look mostly Caucasian. Oh, and must be over 40. In a contest like that, I might place. Might. Especially if I did a bellydance choreography. Hmm.

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