White + Red = Pink?

Planting bulbs right now? If so, these guys might be very happy about it. I think the one on the left is saying, "Hmm. Nummy."

But ...

aren't they cute?

Why squirrels in my blog today?

Friends and family know of my affection for furry rodents. Plus a forecaster at work blogged about folklore involving squirrels and the upcoming winter (more below if you care).

This is the time to plant spring-blooming bulbs, which squirrels love.

'Must be all the anti-oxidants.

One source of advice:


He's not paying me for this and doesn't have to. P Allen Smith has a lot of interesting and useful stuff on his site. He's cute -- in a different way from the squirrels. Even if he wasn't, he knows his stuff.

(chitter, chitter, cheeeeep) They always sound like they're scolding a "young 'un". Or maybe their anger's directed at me. A pelting of acorns sometimes accompanies the noise. Ouch.

The site for the White Squirrel Festival, which I know you are all going to flock to, is: http://www.brevardnc.org/whitesquirrel.php

So, what does a white squirrel who mates a red squirrel give birth to?

They aren't cute, yet.

Happy autumn eve. Or if you're in a central, mountain or western time zone, happy autumn today!

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Today's one of the days I edit the website at work. In his blog, one of the forecasters asked for reader observations about the squirrels in their respective regions so he can decide whether observing them can actually predict how much snow we'll get. I suspect it is toungue in cheek (or nuts in cheek).

Should I send him the photo above and suggest a link between white squirrels and a snowy winter?

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