On on MSN page, I took several quizes. They're fun, although perhaps the only gardening-related one would be the "Creepy Crawly Quiz".

I did ok on that one; it was a learning experience. The French and germ quizes proved to be much more ego-boosters. The French quiz triggered my search in the blogger pages for gardening pages in French. So, if this is of interest, here are two sites I found when looking up jardin, the word for garden.

Le Calendrier du Jardin

Le jardin de Sophie

Sophie has beautiful photos of her flowers. Whether one can read French or not (I need my French dictionary), the photos are worth viewing!

This site has both English and French in a lot of it. Beautiful photos from a location in the south of Portugal.

Lugar de Olhar Feliz

So, enjoy.


ann said...

Thanks for the link. So when do we get to see pictures of your garden ?

Jen said...

Thanks for asking Ann. There are a lot of photos of my garden at:


It's easier to post them there than on here. --Jenn