In spite of all the rain we have had, the soil is hard to work with as it is dry. It reminds me of a cookie that is so hard that is must be dunked. Last month, we had so much rain the soil was muddy. It was quite cold, too, so gardening days were limited.

One of the ways people have tested soil type is by mixing some of it with water in a glass jar and letting it settle. I've never done this, but it must work for a very basic determination of soil type.

On the bright side, my lettuce seedlings are growing, right alongside seedlings that I believe are the India mustard, but may be spinach.

I will be planting more greens seeds for successive harvests. Plus peas, broccoli seedlings, etc.

Now we have compost. Until yesterday, only small amounts were delivered, and on no apparent schedule.

Soil texture analysis

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