Reasons To Rejoice

Everybody look up cause there's a reason to rejoice you see!
Everybody look up and let's commence to singing joyfully!

Can't You Feel A Brand New Day,
Can't You Feel A Brand New Day!

--from The Wiz (musical)

Hello! It has been a while since I wrote a blog entry here. Now that the winter holidays are over, I have more time. I have added a healthy spider plant and African rubber plant to my indoor "garden".

Spider plants (chlorophytum comosum) are easy to grow. It also reproduces quite well. I have transplanted the "babies" that grow on the end of long stalks in water and in soil.

Growing a rubber plant is new for me. This one is a little under two feet high with oval, glossy leaves that are green on top and reddish underneath. The underside of the leaves must be where the variety gets its name "burgundy".

My other housplants are doing quite well. The older croton has new growth at the bottom of its stalk. The younger one had growth on a tendril-like extension of one leaf, but I yanked it off by accident. The older croton has been with me for over a decade, so no matter how much work it requires -- which is next to nothing -- I'll do it. The large plant in the middle is a spathiphyllum, and the croton is sort of hidden to the left. The light green leaves in front are from my "devil's ivy" (pothos). In winter, I've found that keeping them in the bathroom is beneficial for the humidity they get when I shower.

Since spring is not far away, there's a little more happening. I've recently discovered some interesting urban gardener sites: moss in the city

Flower and gardening shows will be happening. In Pennsylvania, which is where I live, the Philadelphia Flower Show has existed annually for years. This year it will be from March 2-8. Last year, as I wrote about, some friends and I went to the Pennsylvania Garden Expo in Harrisburg, then watched the St. Patrick's Day Parade. The show isn't big, but attendees may get some landscaping ideas and advice.

A slightly bigger show will be in York, Pa., at the end of February. The mid-Atlantic Garden Show will feature three days of events. I'm sure there are many others.

At any time of year, one place I'd recommend visiting is Longwood Gardens outside of Philadelphia.

My mint and lemonbalm have survived winter indoors so far. I'm enjoying the idea of putting them back on my porch in the warm weather. I feel like I've achieved something by having two of my herbs last. In fact, just as days began to lengthen in midwinter, the lemonbalm perked up and grew quite well. Perhaps I will cut some to try as a tea.

P Allen Smith has his new website up and running, as well as his youtube page. You might want to check them out as soon as possible!

P Allen Smith's home page

In fact, to tease us about spring upcoming, here he is with some daffodils:

(photo from internet search; I don't have the privilege of knowing him, despite sharing a last name)

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