Crafting is another hobby of mine. Since I'm not doing as much gardening this year, I may feature more of my projects.

This item started as a plain paperboard box (similar to cardboard) with a raised butterfly design on the lid. Black and gold look wonderful together, and those are the only two paint colors I used. The gold is a metallic finish, and the black makes it more outstanding.

I painted the gold areas first. In case of a mistake, it's easier to cover gold with black than the other way around without bleed-through. Indentations on the butterfly are visible in the photo. Those near the middle of the butterfly's body I filled in with a line of gold paint, then sprinkled glitter on it before the paint dried. This added an extra sparkle to give the butterfly more definition.

On the bottom I blended black and gold in a marbling pattern.

This easy technique creates an attractive look. It only takes paper towels (or napkins) plus the paint. Crinkle one paper towel, dip a section in black and dab the entire piece (in this case the box bottom). Repeat this using another towel dipped in gold paint. Follow with a clean towel to blend the colors.

Allow it to dry a little, just until it's tacky. Repeat the paper towel "technique" until you get the effect you desire. It may take some practice, so try it first on items you won't be using or giving away.

Marbling can be done with more than two colors, but it can also be a little tricky. It's never a bad idea to try an idea on scraps first.

This has nothing to do with gardening or crafts (other than the fact that I often listen to music while I work on a craft) but I like listening to these Philly guys:

Everything Your Heart Desires

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