"A Little Bird Told Me"

Birds play a role in the garden. I probably don't have to tell that to anyone reading this post. Still, maybe I don't pay enough attention to birds, outside of the ubiquitous ducks in Bellefonte, especially in and around Talleyrand Park. (Watch where you step.) I say this because I'm always thrilled to hear birds in late winter and early spring. That's when I realize how much I miss them.

I usually notice migrating geese because of the squawk-like honks. In summer, a quack draws my attention to a duck, who seems happy to discover a newly formed swimming spot. After heavy rain, small temporary ponds appear, several of them outside the building where I work. Some form so regularly that water plants grow. I'm often amazed at how quickly the "aquatic quackers" get there. I'm disappointed if there are none.

It's always a pleasure to me to see urban wildlife. I've seen plenty of squirrels, some very aggressive, but they still fascinate me with their rapid movements and bouncing.

With the benefits birds are to a garden, it's nice to know I can do a little more for them. A couple of wrens seem to be enjoying the wooden ledge above the door to my back porch, indicated by the frantic flapping of wings when I open the door and by the tiny droppings I sweep away almost daily. When I got home yesterday, I found one of the dried sunflower seed heads from my garden displaced, seeds that I honestly didn't think were in it, and shells scattered on the porch. Good for them! They can have all they want. I'll have to make sure the other dried flower heads are accessible.

(Note to self: I must prepare those dried gourds to provide a house for these little birds.)

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